• Question: What was the biggest product that you've designed

    Asked by The Kenno to Aislinn, Nathan, Padraic, Sinead on 11 Feb 2015.
    • Photo: Sinead Quirke

      Sinead Quirke answered on 11 Feb 2015:

      Hi the Kenno,

      I dont design products, I provide a service.

    • Photo: Padraic Morrissey

      Padraic Morrissey answered on 11 Feb 2015:

      We actually try to make the stuff I design as small as possible! The smaller the lasers are, the easier it is to fit them inside in other optical components. The biggest set of laser I’ve made were on a disk that was 2 inches in diameter and held about 19000 lasers!

    • Photo: Aislinn Coghlan

      Aislinn Coghlan answered on 11 Feb 2015:

      Hi Kenno,

      A hydraulic fracturing plant in my final year of college. It was designed to process enough gas to fuel half of Ireland! If built, it would cover 3 acres of land.

      The biggest thing I’ve designed and actually made was a heat exchanger. It was about 2 metres long.