• Question: will the money be enough for what your doing or are you doing other fundraising activities

    Asked by Eva to Aislinn, Padraic on 13 Feb 2015.
    • Photo: Padraic Morrissey

      Padraic Morrissey answered on 13 Feb 2015:

      Hi Eva
      If I won, the money would be enough for 2 photonics explorer kits. Which would be fantastic for students! Each kit has:

      10 aluminium mirrors (7×7 cm)
      10 colour filter sets (7×4 cm) including red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow
      10 LED modules with red, green and blue LEDs
      10 sets of robust plastic lenses with the focal lengths 30 mm, -30 mm, and 150 mm
      20 polarisers (7×5 cm)
      5 m polymer optical fibre
      10 eyesafe Lasers
      10 diffraction gratings
      10 foils with slit and double slit for optical diffraction experiments

      That’s enough stuff for about 20 students to do some really cool experiments on optics and lasers. So If I can get two of those it’ll make 40 students really happy!

      Maybe IAEGMOOH can up the prize money next year :D.

      Don’t forget to vote! 🙂